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Canon R3 long term review

Canon R3 long term review
Shooting a masi tribe in Tanzania July, 2022

TLDR: You don't need it, but you will crave it.

I have never done cocaine, but from what I have seen in the movies (especially the drug fueled epic Wolf of Wallstreet) it is the closest thing to shooting with the R3 I can think of.

This camera is fast, responsive and feels great in the hand.

Some reviewers scoff at the twenty four megapixels. “The Sony A1 has 60” they beamoan, “the nikon z9 has 45”. they yell into there camera before launching into a sixty second sales pitch for Squarespace.

Do you need to spend six thousand dollars on a camera? No, not even close! Save some cash and pick up a used Canon 1dx mark ii.

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